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August 7th, 2008

Happy 48th Birthday, David. You're still sexy as hell.

If you haven't seen The X-Files: I Want to Believe yet, what are you waiting for?!? It's disappearing from theaters all across the United States. After only TWO WEEKS! FOX totally blew it this time, releasing it in the summer, and up against the Batman film, which was released a week before IWTB. They have no one to blame but themselves; the shoddy promotion—everything. David and Gillian and Chris Carter can't do this all by themselves. It sure would've been nice if they had a studio that really supported them, support this movie. There are plenty enough X-Philes and non-Philes alike that have seen it, so why pull the plug now?

Anyhoo, enough of my griping. You were probably thinking it would be out forever, and you would have time to catch it. The clock is ticking, people...here are my 13 reasons for going to see it. In a theater. Before it comes out on DVD. Now I know some people haven't seen it yet, and like me, they don't want to be spoiled, so I am adding some SPOILER SPACE in this message so anyone visiting will hopefully not read it. You all know who you are!
















1. Mulder & Scully are an established couple! Yes, CC is not pulling our legs this time—they truly are together and living in a modest home on the outskirts of West Virginia. The FBI has asked for Mulder's help, and all the charges in that phony case from 6 years ago (you know the one I'm talking about) will be dropped. Scully is a working doctor at a local hospital, while Mulder wiles away the hours at home, clipping conspiracy and unknown phenomena stories to his office walls.

2. The case that the FBI is asking for Mulder's help on starts off by being a missing agent then turns really creepy. Just the kind of creepy stuff we've seen on the show.

3. The agent running the case, Dakota Whitney (Amanda Peet) is the believer, while her 2nd-in-command, Agent Drummy (Xzibit) is a skeptic.

4. The person helping them on the case, a former priest named Joseph (Billy Connolly), who had been charged with pedophilia, now has psychic visions and can tell where the missing agent is located.

5. They find evidence (a body part), but not the agent's. Mulder, as usual, when he's on a case, is very much intrigued by Father Joe, as he's called, but Scully soon wants no part of the case, thinking Mulder has done all he can. She doesn't want to get "pulled into the darkness" with him once more.

6. Scully may not want to be involved because one of her patients at the hospital, a young boy named Christian, is very ill with a disease that has no cure. The other doctors there want to transfer him to a facility so he can die, but Scully wants to treat his condition with stem cells, which she believes will work.

7. The person who attacked the missing agent (she has been found underneath snow and ice, per Father Joe's visions), has a boyfriend who wants desperately to make sure he lives, by using various body parts in order for him to survive. He has Russian doctors working on him with these body parts. They now have a 2nd victim, who they think will be a good match.

8. Scully goes to see Father Joe alone, perplexed by something he told her earlier, "Don't give up." She wants to know why he said the words to her, but he cannot give her a reason. He then goes into convulsions and winds up at the same hospital she works at. She begins the stem cell treatments on her young patient.

9. Mulder wants Scully on the case, but she refuses; in fact, she says that she "won't be coming home," which breaks Mulder's heart. He continues solo with Agents Whitney & Drummy. One of these agents winds up dead.

10. It looks like M&S may get back together, but the conflict continues on, so Mulder, still wanting to know more, starts an investigation on his own, and quickly gets himself into trouble. When Agent Drummy won't help Scully find him, she calls on an old friend...

11. That friend is Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi)—yay! With Scully remembering a bible passage Father Joe told her, she figures out where Mulder is being held—the location where the Russian scientists are working on the boyfriend of the abductor of the 2nd victim. Mulder is now safe and the 2nd victim will be okay. The doctors and the abductor, along with the boyfriend I would presume, have all been arrested.

12. Scully has come back home to Mulder, but is not sure of where they stand. Christian is still not out of the woods yet. Mulder suggests that they get away from "the darkness" once his condition is better. And we get a very nice embrace, forehead touch and kiss.

13. All in all, I'd say CC did a great job. 'Shippers worldwide will be happy at the development of M&S as a couple. A couple who still misses their son, William, which was not totally glossed over in the film. If you've seen the film, I hope you stayed during the entire end credits sequence, because if you didn't, you missed the so-called 'Easter Egg' bit of Mulder & Scully in a rowboat on the water somewhere sunny, with a helicopter flying overhead. They wave at whoever is flying it. A little wink and a nod to the fans perhaps? Will we have a 3rd movie before the invasion is supposed to start in 2012? Let's hope so...DON'T GIVE UP!

Also, I would like to add that David's Showtime series, Californication, will start its 2nd Season on Sunday, September 28th.  It's been a long drought without you, Hank Moody...welcome back!


August 7th, 2007

Today is the 47th birthday of one David William Duchovny, one of the sexiest men on the planet. It's a shame its not a national holiday. We should be celebrating in the streets! Anyone agree with me?

Also, I would also like to point out that David has finally decided to star in a series, his first since The X-Files, and it is excellent. It's called Californication, and its "official" premiere is next Monday night (August 13th), right after Weeds. I've seen it several times already (legal and not!), and currently, if you have Showtime as a Premium Channel, you can watch it as many times as you like with Showtime On Demand. WooHoo!!!

David plays Hank Moody, a novelist with a serious case of writer's block. He's still pining for his ex-girlfriend/almost wife, Karen, played by Natascha McElhone. They have a 12-year-old daughter, Becca, played by Madeleine Martin. Hank & Karen still seem to have that certain romantic "something", although she tells her ex that she's marrying another man.

I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but lets just say that Hank has a lot of sex with lots of different women, including Mia, played by Madeline Zima (yes, the youngest daughter on The Nanny is all grown up!), which could potentially get him into serious trouble. You'll know what I'm talking about if you've seen the episode or read other reviews.

His agent is Charlie, played by Evan Handler, who is concerned that his client is falling into a downward spiral, trying to boost his spirits by setting him up with a blind date that fails big-time. Also, Hank's scene in a movie theater should be a lesson to anyone who dares to answer their cellphone during the film. He did something I'm sure all of us annoyed by these people would love to do ourselves.

I can't say enough about Californication except to watch it, watch it, watch it! If you haven't been a fan of Mr. Duchovny in the past, give it a try; you might be pleasantly surprised. Anyone who says they still see Special Agent Fox Mulder is watching with blinders on. Shame on you!

David & Natascha at the Showtime premiere afterparty on August 1st

FYI: This series is not for the kiddies...sexual situations, nudity (even a David ass shot--very nice!) and bad language abound. Strictly for the adults.


November 4th, 2006

Testing, testing, 1-2-3!

Just checking things out here...Annika said that LJ was down earlier, but things seem to be fine for now. Post away, girl! :wink:

September 17th, 2005

I'm a little sick...

Don't really have anything to say, but I've got a little cold, so I'm not at 100 percent right now.  It's not too bad.  Had a Coldbuster smoothie from Jamba Juice, and they work really good.  That's all.

June 18th, 2005

Gillian Anderson interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Monday, November 6th, 2000:

Jay Leno: My first guest, an Emmy-award winning actress, who stars as Agent Scully on the popular series, The X-Files, her new film, House of Mirth, opens December 22nd. Please welcome the lovely Gillian Anderson!

(band plays X-Files theme, she walks out, hugs Jay--is dressed entirely in black: bra and shirt with lots of holes, pants, and flip-flop shoes)

Gillian Anderson: Hi! How are you?

JL: Good to see you.

GA: Thank you. Hi ma! (applause, cheers from audience)

JL: Welcome.

GA: Hi ma!

JL: Good to see you again. Now what...

GA: Thank you. I was so nervous, I've got a tail on these pants.

JL: A tail? What do you mean?

GA: I, uhhh, I had them altered right before I came. And see that's something funny...look at that! (GA slightly giggles-she gets up out of chair, turns around with back facing the audience, showing off her pants--audience whoops and hollers)

JL: Let me see, I can't see.

GA: Guys, ohhh! (more whoops and hollers from audience)

JL: I like it. (laughs)

GA: You like tails?! I wouldn't admit to that if I were you.

JL: No, but it's high. It could be worse, it could be on the low end, which would be worse.

GA: Yeah, that would be worse.

JL: So, at least it's high up...

GA: Better for you, not so good for me.

JL: No, but it's all right.

GA: Anyway...

JL: Now what I read about you, uhhh, driving fast, you're like a race-car driver now, what is...

GA: I'm not a race-car driver. I, ummm, well you have a lot of cars, you like cars...

JL: I like cars.

GA: You like cars, I saw your VIPER out there.

JL: That's right, that's right.

GA: That's right.

JL: You like to drive fast?

GA: Umm, I do like to drive fast, in a, and I try to just do it in safe zones, but sometimes, you know...

JL: A safe zone, like a school, a hospital? (audience laughs)

GA: (giggles) Well no, yeah, like I do that...ummm, ummm...

JL: You mean, like a track?

GA: Yeah, no. I did a thing in Atlanta over the summer. I went and ummm...

JL: Road Atlanta, is that where you went?

GA: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a really wonderful program they have there.

JL: And you went to...

GA: And you just go and you learn how to be a better performance driver and you skid out on wet roads and do slaloms and...

JL: Wow, was it scary for you at first, or what?

GA: Not really, I, those kind of things don't scare me so much. It's other things in life...

JL: Like The X-Files, what's gonna scare you?

GA: ...that scare me, who knows the design (?) Exactly.

JL: Have you done any racing? Like maybe the Toyota?...

GA: I haven't, no I've, I've always wanted to do one of the, uhhh, Toyota Challenges, but I can never seem to...

JL: Oh, I did...

GA: Oh, you did? You did that?

JL: Yeah, I did that. That's right.

GA: Well, yeah, my new co-star, Robert (Patrick), he saw you up at the Rock or something like that?

JL: Oh, the Rock Star, that's where we ride our motorcycles.

GA: What is that place?

JL: It's just a place where bikers hang out.

GA: Yeah.

JL: Yeah.

GA: So they hang out?

JL: We hang out.

GA: What do they do there?

JL: We hang out, women come up, they disappear, never hear from them again. (audience laughs)

GA: (giggles) He, he said that you had a bike, you had a bike with an airplane engine?

JL: Well, yeah. But that's another kind of story...

GA: Oh really, okay. (audience laughs)

JL: Well, actually, it's a jet engine...

GA: It's a jet, oh, oh, it's a jet engine, not an airplane engine, but a jet engine...

JL: ...it's a long, it's a long, it's kind of like a helicopter, it's a very complicated, but
it goes...

GA: ...it goes pretty fast, yeah, I can imagine...

JL: ...but I wanna hear more about you, I wanna hear more about you driving, why haven't you done the Toyota Grand Prix before?

GA: ...oh, 'cause we usually shoot until the end of April or May, and it's usually around that time, and I can't go and drive.

JL: Oh, so you can't do it. 'Cause I got beaten, I remember the Celebrity-I got beaten by Helen Hayes the first year. (audience laughs)

GA: Are you serious?

JL: Yeah.

GA: You're serious.

JL: Yeah, no I'm not serious! (laughs from audience)

GA: (big giggle here)

JL: Now, you were just in Scotland, doing a movie?

GA: I was actually, actually it was a couple of years ago, that I was in Scotland.

JL: This movie is just coming out?

GA: It was just coming out now, but it was not last summer, but the summer before, long time ago.

JL: Oh. Oh, okay. Oh, okay, 'cause I'm Scottish. My mother's from Scotland, you know?

GA: Is that so?

JL: Yeah, I...

GA: Really?

JL: ...the funniest people in the world.

GA: Really? (very big giggle)

JL: To me they are. They are the funniest...did you enjoy the food?

GA: Did I enjoy the food? No, uhhh, did I enjoy the food? (laughs from audience)

JL: No, it's the worst food in the world, you can say that.

GA: Yeah, no, it's just, it's all oil. That's all it is. You know, I was sitting in a restaurant once, and these people were eating blood pudding, do you guys know what blood pudding is? (audience agrees) It's basically blood and oats and oil, and I just kept staring at it...

JL: It's exactly what it sounds like. (Jay laughs)

GA: ...'cause it actually, it looks appetizing, it looks like, and I was looking at it so much that they said: 'Do you want a bite? Do you want to taste it?' (giggles) And so I tasted it, and it was actually, I was surprised, it's full of oil.

JL: It's awful.

GA: But, no, no, no. There's this, there's this story that I kind of wanna tell, but I'm really embarrassed to tell.

JL: Well, why, what did you, what happened?

GA: Well, I was in Scotland, but it's really, and everybody's gonna go: 'Oh my God, I don't believe Gillian just said that!(?)' (cheers from audience to tell her tale)

JL: Well, you're amongst friends here, this is not... (more cheers from audience)

GA: Oh no, it's not like one of those stories, it's a really embarrassing story.

JL: Hey, how embarrassing can it be? Did you see...

GA: But, where else are you gonna tell these kinds of stories, if not in front of, you know, ten million people! (laughs)

JL: That's right, could it be worse than, is it worse than our popsicle tampon? (?!?) It can't be any worse than that. (small laughs from audience)

GA: No, it's not, well, it's borderline.

JL: Oh, well go ahead, tell it--you can tell it. We'll be the judge.

GA: Okay, so I'm in Scotland, and we're in Glasgow, or we're in some mansion, and we're doing this period drama, and I've, I've got this corset on, and I've got a hat on, and I've got these, this gown, you know, like this, and my trailer's about the size of, you know, it's a small trailer, and the bathroom's about the size of, like this, and you know, I have to go the bathroom! (small laughs from audience) And so it's either, I'll go and 'I don't believe she's saying this!' (says that really fast, like under her breath & more small laughs from audience--she giggles) And so I have to go to the bathroom, and I go into this little trailer, and I'm literally, you know, I mean, my skirt's out to here, and I sat, and you know, I go to the bathroom, and I, you know, I REALLY go to the bathroom! (she giggles--big laughs from audience) Kill me nowwww...so you know, I'm done! And so, I'm trying, I'm gathering myself together, and I'm getting up, and I'm, you know, my hat, and this...I start to get the strings for my corset, and--they're HEAVY! (more laughs from audience) And so, I'm like: 'What the...' Meanwhile, you know, 'What the...' (audience laughs) 'Gillian! It's time to come to set!' I've got, you know, the hat and everything, and I'm like: 'Oh, okay! I'll be right there!' I'm wiping the walls, the ceiling. (laughs from audience) I'm in this gown, and the hat, in the bathroom...

JL: You know something?

GA: I shouldnt've told this story! (giggles)

JL: Your first instincts were correct. (big laughs from audience) No, that's, it's a lovely, lovely story, and I think...

GA: Thank you. I have to, when are you gonna tell that story? (big cheers from audience)

JL: Oh well, if you just...

GA: You can't tell it at a dinner party...

JL: ...no, you can't tell it at a dinner party...

GA: ...you can't tell it to a new friend...

JL: ...no, or even an old friend...

GA: (giggles) ...or an old friend...

JL: ...you can't really tell it to anybody.

GA: ...to anybody.

JL: No.

GA: No.

JL: Well, how's Rob? How's your new cast member working out on X-Files? You having fun?

GA: He's great, he's a really good guy. We're having a lot of fun, and ummm, and he's, he's good. I think it's gonna be good.

JL: Now he's helping you find Mulder--is that what it is? Mulder's been...kidnapped?

GA: He is, yes. Mulder's been kidnapped, ummm, possibly abducted. (slightly laughs) Ummm, most likely abducted.

JL: Yeah, I guess so. (laughs)

GA: And ummm, so he's helping me find Mulder and you know, David, who plays Mulder, is still around, and coming back, and doing half the show, and you know, at some point at the end, we'll probably have a ménage à trois, or something like that...

JL: Oh! (major cheers from audience) Really? Now see, that's, that's the story I would like to hear rather than this...

GA: ...c'mon, it makes sense...

JL: ...yeah, it does make sense...

GA: ...and we're, you know, straight-laced character...

JL: ...I agree.

GA: ...two men. What are you gonna do? Don't you think? (cheers from audience)

JL: Right. Works for me! (laughs from audience)

GA: Alright.

JL: Are you voting tomorrow? Are you gonna be voting?

GA: I am voting tomorrow. Actually, I already voted. I did the absentee ballot thing.

JL: I'm guessing Buchanan? You're a Buchanan woman? (laughs)

GA: Yeah, yeah, no, I just, please! I am so nervous, you guys. And I heard everybody clapping at the beginning, and you did that thing...

JL: What would you be nervous about? Now Bush won here. [FYI--a skit was done earlier in the program with dogs playing the presidential candidates, and the Bush dog won]

GA: ...and I got really scared, and I know!

JL: So I take it, you're for Gore?

GA: Man! Women! (big cheers from audience) Women! You have to get out there! Everybody has to get out there and vote tomorrow, even if you're mixed,(?) you have to vote, you have to vote for...(?)

JL: But see, I'll tell you something. Yes, do!

GA: ...you have no idea!

JL: But see, even if you...you know what it does?

GA: It's the women that are gonna turn it. Women have to get out there. (more cheers from audience) For women, for children, for seniors! (more cheers) Get out there!

JL: Alright, there you have it!

GA: You have no idea...

JL: And remember the story, remember the corset story.

GA: ...it's gonna be (?) Gore (cheers) Gore (more big cheers from audience)

JL: Gillian Anderson, ladies and gentlemen! We'll be right back with Portia deRossi! Right after this!

GA: Thank you!


May 15th, 2004

Story is "Hidden Things" by Xenith.
MSR, MulderTorture & Angst; ScullyAngst; Character Death (not Mulder or Scully!)
Rating: NC-17 (some parts, not all; I'd say R for the rest)

Summary: Mulder and Scully's new romance is
interrupted when Mulder is asked to profile a serial
killer, with results that will change their
relationship forever. This story takes place right
after all things.

A tough one to read, but very enjoyable. :)

You can read it at Xenith's website:
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